Jane Plit Certified Counsellor

Sometimes navigating relationships and life in general is difficult, an objective ear can make all the difference.


Get to Know Me

I began my professional life as a teacher with a background in remedial education and educational psychology. After teaching for a while, I went on to become a decorator, then a building project manager, before pursuing my passion for people.

I am a certified counsellor through SACAP as well as an accredited mediator through FAMAC.

My particular interests are in couples and relationship counselling, self-esteem and grief and loss.


Counselling & Mediation

Counselling is done in a comfortable environment. I am non-judgemental, I use a narrative approach and endeavour to create a safe space.

Within the context of family and couples sessions, I ask that my clients are respectful of this safe space, and that they make every effort to use the time to effectively address each other, and their concerns. Please bear in mind that while counseling is usually done in a limited number of sessions, the process aims to assist you in resolving difficulties within that timeframe. Should you feel that you wish to continue the process, this will be discussed and accommodated, however, unlike psychotherapy, it is designed to help resolve an acute situation, and is not intended to be long term therapy. Usually six sessions is sufficient, but more sessions will be available, should you wish to have them.

In mediation, it must be noted that the mediation process, while confidential, is a process in which both parties choose to engage. In the interests of there being an objective environment, when a couple seeks mediation, (as opposed to counselling) all communications and emails, will be shared with both parties. This is in order to maintain neutrality, and in order that neither party feels that I am approaching the mediation with bias, toward either party. In order to further assist in maintaining a balance in the mediation process, I often co-mediate, usually with someone from a legal background, this gives the clients the benefit of an informed and balanced process.


Family Counselling

My intention and aim is to facilitate effective communication. I work with traditional as well as blended families, and provide a safe place for all parties to be heard. This would be a forum for addressing the family dynamic, as well as being useful in helping all parties through any life-changing processes, from divorce, death, change in circumstances of any kind.

Couples Counselling

I provide a safe place for couples to address their concerns regarding their relationships. This work is done by the couple themselves, with my role to create an environment where the power is balanced between both parties. Often couples will seek counselling through change in the family circumstances, or to help them better communicate unmet needs or different expectations within the context of their relationships.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is available to anyone who is struggling with issues around self esteem, sense of purpose, as general well being. It is a supportive environment in which you, as an individual, are able to assess and reflect, in order to address issues which preclude you living a fuller and happier life.



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